- Culebra Puerto Rico once housed pirates. Find out more about this beautiful island paradise by vactioning here. Welcome to Culebra Travel Guide!

Culebra is only 7 miles long and just 4 miles wide. Culebra is Spanish for 'serpent'. The island received this name because of the shape as it bends in and out.

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Culebra Travel Guide

The Flamenco Tank

About Culebra Island

History & Demographics

Culebra is only 7 miles long and just 4 miles wide.  Culebra is Spanish for “serpent”.  The island received this name because of the shape as it bends in and out.

Pirates used to use this small island as a hideout.  It is said that there is still undiscovered treasure hidden in the waters around the island.

In 1909 then President Theodore Roosevelt established much of the coastline of Culebra as a National Wildlife Refuge.  Culebra, Puerto Rico was actually one of the very first wildlife refuges in American history.

The US Navy used Culebra and surrounding smaller islands for their training purposes from the time of World War II until 1975.  You can still find spent artillery shells and even an actual tank sits near the end of famous Flamenco Beach.

Less then 2000 people inhabit the island today.  Residents speak the Spanish language but English is common.  The island is located 17 miles off the east end of mainland Puerto Rico.  And while this island is actually located closer to the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas is just 12 miles away) then Culebra is considered part of Puerto Rico.

You are going to need a comfortable place to stay.

Culebra Casa Azul

 rents for up to 4 people

You get:
  • Great location in the center of the island
  • Wonderful ocean views
  • Cool sea breezes sweep through to keep the house cool
  • Fully stocked kitchen and barbecue
  • FREE High Speed Internet for keeping in touch with back home
All this for just $145 /night or $775/week or $1750/month

Have more people? You can add an attached studio apartment for just $50 extra per night! (for up to 6 people including the house)

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What our visitors say about this beautiful 

Culebra Doll House

"First of all the Doll Hose was perfect! I went with 3 other friends (Eric, Kristin and Tara) for Tara's birthday and the house was great. It was clean with hot water and beautiful views of the sunset (we watched from the front yard) and sunrise (off the back deck). The kitchen was fully stocked with all cooking needs and the back deck was so nice for grilling and drinking, although there might be a bees nest close by, we saw MANY.

Flamenco beach is probably the best beach in the world, it's like a sanctuary. The water is amazing, crystal blue, warm and refreshing, great for swimming. I absolutely loved the food and drink vendors in the parking lot, it was very convenient for when hunger strikes you and not to mention that the food is all fresh and made with love.

We rented a jeep from Jerry's Jeeps, I recommend him, he gives you this long involved introductory speech when you pick up your rental about the island, places to go, snorkeling spots etc. He also gives you this crazy looking self drawn map, but let me tell you his info is priceless. By the 2nd day we were referring to the map constantly and all of his little tips came in handy, he was awesome.

We loved loved loved Barbara Rosa's for dinner, Barbara literally cooks out of her kitchen, if you don't mind waiting a little bit for your meal it was the best food we had on the whole island. Mammacita's was delicious as well and had a great bar, good vibe and a big screen tv for all of you sports fans. The locals here are friendly, I mean who couldn't be on an island right? And you meet a lot of people who are from the states originally and came to Culebra, loved it so much, and decided to stay.

We did do some snorkeling, which was eye opening. The coral reefs are so colorful and teaming with life. It's so easy to rent gear for the day, there is a dive shop right at the ferry dock. Then you travel to Flamenco Beach parking lot, go on a nice hike through the woods to Melones and Tamarindo beaches. They are secluded and pristine and harbor some of the best snorkeling around. Sadly it was too windy for us to kayak during our stay, but next time it's on our list.

Culebra was AMAZING!! So much so in fact we are coming back again this year!"
-Nigel Dyck

"We loved Culebra, particularly the beaches! We also loved the location of your house. We hope to come back to Culebra and even the Culebra Doll House in the future."
-Best, Sarah Adams
V.Romanoff & Associates

"We just returned from a three-week stay at Casa Azul, and loved every minute of it. Your property affords such beautiful views--we couldn't have hoped for any better. And the house itself is very comfortable. We especially enjoyed the two hammock swings on the front porch--we spent many mornings reading in them, but only after taking in the sunrise views from the back deck. The washer was an added bonus--we only used it once, but it was very handy.

Two more things to share with you: your information about the beaches was very helpful to us, we referred to it often; and I'm not sure if Raquel at Vacation Planners actually works for you or for a bigger company, but she is an absolute gem--we loved her and she was extremely helpful with any questions or issues we had. She actually loaned us a personal item or two to make our stay a little easier--I hope she is being well compensated.

Hope to visit again sometime! "
-Susan Fabera and Bill Cerny

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beautiful Culebra House


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